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Illegal Rally: Police Taken in Violation

A cop who drives without a license in his possession ... A motorcycle over 1000 cc without license plates. Other motorcyclists without a certificate of 'fitness' and reporting. That is the conclusion of a nice haul managed by police officers in the South, in Beau Vallon.

Everyone knows that in Mauritius the asphalt of the highway serves as a rally circuit (illegal racing) for enthusiasts of speed and big guns. At regular intervals, these big machines lovers identify a starting point, before launching their powerful two-wheel fully to the national.

They did while doing the speed limits imposed by the authorities. These reckless riders have fallen into the nets of traffic officers. The task of the cops do not prove the easiest to stop these big cars.

"These machines are so powerful that it is very difficult to keep up with the bikes we have," concedes a police officer. 

This March 13 these patrol the South were determined to lock up those who dare to defy the law. Agents had organized a point "vehicle check" on the Link Road, in Beau Vallon, near the highway. The deafening sound of engines is heard big guns. Various police units - Special Mobile Force, Emergency Response Service and Police Station Blue Bay - are watching. Among a dozen, they are determined this time to catch these bikers. 

They will use a technique that will prove to pay. The police have an idea of the journey qu'emprunteront bikers. The men then scattered. A police car is placed at a distance. The task of these officers is to trail the big cars, once they are identified. Other officers role is to keep out the big machines. Decision is made to place two vehicles to cut off the gear. Police officers will be placed throughout the highway to force them to stop.

The plan has proven successful. A dozen bikers is forced to slow down, before stopping to undergo a routine check. Surprise: one controlled is none other than a cop ... assigned to the Traffic Branch of the Central Barracks. Officers in charge of this operation did not discover that his license on him, and his motorcycle over 1000 cc has no license plate. Other motorcyclists do not have a certificate of 'fitness' or statement. The minutes of tickets have not failed. Satisfied with the results of the operation, the police are determined to put brake on these illegal practices being on our roads.

19 March 2012 - Défi Media Group

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