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Sorèze: Bus Passengers Fire Laissés-pour-Compte

Last Wednesday, a bus operator individual was engulfed in flames. Passengers complained they had not received any instructions of the receiver and the driver even less. In the absence of a complaint, the National Transport Authority just to start an investigation ...

More fear than harm ... On Wednesday 17.20 passengers who boarded a bus individual line 93 towards Providence feared the worst. At height of Albi, the bus in which were thirty passengers were engulfed in flames. Terrified, they were left to their own devices. They complained they had not received any instruction or the conductor, or the driver. This is at least what The Defi Media has learned  from a user Monday.

According to the speaker, the fire broke out at the place where the recipient is still standing. At this point, the driver brakes before parking on the sides of the highway and got off the bus. The receiver has followed suit, while the passengers were screaming inside. " Ena dimoune fine blessé. Zot pé traverse banquette pou sorti. C’était la panique. Zot pa fine dir nou narien ki bisin deçane, "says Defi Media interlocutor who tried to calm the situation. He then helped passengers off the bus damaged. Fortunately, no injuries to report.

In a statement to the Daily Challenge, Cyril Appajalah calls for accountability of operators. According to the Transport Controller of the National Transport Authority (NTA), the receiver and the driver should have their responsibilities because they are masters in their vehicle. However, in the absence of a formal complaint, the NTA just to initiate an investigation.

Doopsing Gowrisungkur, honorary member of the Federation of Bus Owners Cooperative Society Ltd., describes the attitude of the driver and receiver "shameful." According to him, it is a lack of education (or training). In his capacity as honorary member, Mr. Gowrisungkur account to send a memo to the federation to demand sanctions with the approval of the NTA. "I think also ask the federation to inform all employees that now, in case of a breakdown or fire, the driver is considered the captain on board, it should be the last to exit his vehicle" , react.


24 January 2013 - The Défi Media Group

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