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The 'Fitness' Vehicles Established by Private

The privatization of the 'Fitness Centers in advance. To date, three companies have arisen to manage the three centers of roadworthiness. Both centers are already in operation in Plaine-Lauzun and Forest Side. The third will come in Flacq. A fourth would also be built. But so far, the site has not yet been identified for it.

Negotiations are currently underway between the three companies and the National Transport Authority (NTA) regarding the contract. These firms will have to guard against an operating permit. A legal framework is needed so that the government can have a say in these control centers. Given the privatization project, there may be some who are currently working in the centers of the NTA are called to work elsewhere.

These four test centers will be very modern. One of the first outcomes of negotiations is that both centers will be used to control cars, vans, taxis and motorcycles and other two examination trucks. But this has not yet been finalized at this stage. The two new centers to be constructed will be located on land with an area of one acre to a minimum. One of the conditions imposed by the NTA is that the equipment must conform to the standards at the international level. In addition, the opening hours will also be changed. The vehicles will be examined from 8 am to 17 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to noon on Saturday.

More than 400 vehicles are checked daily and this number could increase as the fleet continues to grow. Due to the increasing number of vehicles and the lack of advanced equipment, braking systems, motors, wipers, headlights or the exhaust pipe will be available for inspection. Lack of equipment is due to their high cost. With the advent of high-tech centers, some controls, such as emissions of greenhouse gases, may be undertaken, which could cause the failure of at least 50% of the vehicles tested. To date, few Mauritian garages are equipped to certain settings.

The examination of a vehicle in a private control center will cost more, about Rs 1000 according to our information, whereas now the car drivers more than seven years pay only Rs 400 for verification centers the NTA.


23 February 2013 - Le Matinal

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