This 1,900-hp Nissan SUV eats Porsche 918s for breakfast

il y a 5 ans, 11 mois - 2 Mars 2017, motor1
This 1,900-hp Nissan SUV eats Porsche 918s for breakfast
It may not look like it, but this GT-R-inspired Nissan Patrol is out for hypercar blood.

On the final episode of The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond puts a Porsche 918 up against a lowly Nissan Patrol. While that may sound like a silly thing to do, even by GT standards, this isn't your run-off-the mill Nissan SUV. Under the hood is the 1,900-horsepower (1,416-kilowatt) turbocharged engine off a GT-R. The video below details the car in full.

The project was done by F Performance Garage in Dubai, and apart from the engine, the Patrol shares components like the suspension, subframe, transmission, and even steering wheel with its GT-R sibling. To cope with all that added power, the shop also fitted it with some super sticky road race tires, massive brakes, and a GT-R-inspired hood with functioning vents. It even comes with launch control to ensure all that power gets put to the road.

Top speed is said to be somewhere around 205 miles per hour (329 kilometers per hour) – a far cry from the 285-horsepower (212-kilowatt) version you get from the factory. Naturally, with all that added performance to boot, the Patrol absolutely decimated the 918, giving it the Internet designation, "918 Killer."

But even with all that extra power under the hood, the video shows that, apart from the sound and some minor exterior modifications, it still drives and looks like a normal SUV, making it the ultimate sleeper. If you haven't seen the Patrol vs 918 drag race video yet, it's well worth checking out below.

No word on how much this thing costs in total, but consider the base Nissan Patrol starts at around 191,000AED ($52,000), and taking into account the cost of a new GT-R, around 403,000AED ($109,990), it still doesn't come close to the starting price of the 918's $845,000 starting price.