2015 Toyota Prius C Is Still Colorful, Still Gets 4.43 L/100 km

il y a 8 ans, 6 mois - 20 Novembre 2014, Autoblog
2015 Toyota Prius C
2015 Toyota Prius C
Few vehicles can match the affordable fuel economy of the $19,000, 4.43 L/100 km Toyota Prius C, and that fact isn't likely to change for 2015, as the Japanese company has issued a moderate refresh of its sub-compact hybrid.

As mid-cycle refreshes go, this is a pretty standard affair, with a larger grille and tweaked LED headlights at the front of the Prius C, and more expressive taillights at the back. Toyota made some minor changes in the cabin, updating materials throughout, but not fiddling too much with the overall level of equipment.

Aside from those modest changes, this is the same fuel-efficient five-door, retaining its 1.5-liter, 73-horsepower, 82-pound-foot four-cylinder, while an electric motor tosses in an extra 26 ponies, for a total system output of 99 horsepower. Along with the 4.43 L/100km highway rating, the C will return 5.11 L/100km in the city.