2018 BMW X2 Drops 99 Percent Of Its Camo In New Spy Shots

il y a 5 ans, 5 mois - 12 Octobre 2017, motor1
2018 BMW X2 Drops 99 Percent Of Its Camo In New Spy Shots
Trivia: What does the X2 have in common with the BMW E9?

BMW must be running out of camouflage as after seeing the X4 without even a small piece of camo on its coupe-ified crossover body, its smaller brother has now been spotted by the spy camera showing its production metal. Only the area around the kidney grille is covered at the front, while the rear end has the swirly black and white pattern on the taillights as well as on the lower section of the roof-mounted spoiler.

If you're finding the X1 a bit bland, the X2 could prove to be a more interesting alternative if you're willing to pay the premium and live with a less practical crossover since the sloped roofline will eat into the amount of available space. Not that we're surprised, but the exterior design can't quite match appearance of the concept shown a little over a year ago in Paris and some would say it's not different enough compared to the regular X1.

It has managed to carry over the showcar's side "BMW" logo on the rear pillar as a throwback to the days of the CS models belonging to the E9 family. Compared to the X1, the "coupe" version has sportier headlights and taillights lending the X2 a more youthful appearance and it comes along with more plastic body cladding on the doors. Those alloy wheels look fairly small and we have a feeling BMW's entry-level Sports Activity Coupe will look better with a set of larger alloys.

Since BMW didn't even bother to slap on the usual amount of camouflage on its mustard near-production prototype, it could be a sign that a reveal is right around the corner. A best-case scenario would have to be the Los Angeles Auto Show early December, following what would be an online reveal towards the end of November. If the X2 is not L.A.-bound, it could mean the premiere is set for January 2018 at NAIAS in Detroit.