2020 James Bond “No Time To Die” Will Feature Four Aston Martin Models

il y a 4 années, 8 mois - 7 Octobre 2019, autoevolution
2020 James Bond “No Time To Die” Will Feature Four Aston Martin Models
Scheduled to premiere in the United Kingdom next year in April, the 25th movie in the James Bond franchise is certain to please the Aston Martin marketing department.

No fewer than four models will star in the upcoming film, joined by the Land Rover Defender.

Based on the age of the car, the DB5 would be the oldest in the list. The crowning achievement of the DB series when David Brown was running the company, the luxury GT with a 2+2 layout is a bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful car thanks to Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. An evolution of the Tadek Marek 3.7-liter engine was utilized, enlarged to 4.0 liters and complemented by three SU carburetors for good measure.

The second of the bunch is the V8 Vantage according to a Twitter post, a four-seat grand tourer produced from 1977 to 1989. Only 534 examples of the breed were made, and the belly of the beast is what gave this model the nickname of "Britain's first supercar."

In the contemporary corner, the DBS Superleggera is probably the comfiest car Daniel Craig will drive in the movie. Unveiled in 2018 as an evolution of the DB11 series, the DBS Superleggera is the flagship Aston Martin if you take the Valkyrie out of the picture. From 5.2 liters of displacement and a pair of turbochargers, the AE31 develops 725 PS (715 horsepower) at 6,500 rpm and 900 Nm (664 pound-feet) of torque from 1,800 rpm.

The last member of the Bond 25 club is the Valhalla, a mid-engine supercar nicknamed Son of Valkyrie. Previously known as the AM-RB 003 to underscore the Red Bull Racing know-how, this model combines a twin-turbocharged V6 with KERS for a combined output of approximately 1,000 PS (986 horsepower). Late 2021 is when the Valhalla will enter production in Gaydon, and 500 units are planned for the entire world.

All in all, the 25th installment will treat you to a load of Astons and at least one car chase to remember. But will it be enough for Daniel Craig to sign up for another movie in the role that brought him worldwide recognition? The British actor told Stephen Colbert in 2017 that he would play 007 one last time, which is why the speculation may turn out to be true.