5 Chinese Automaker Design Rip-Offs From Beijing 2016

il y a 7 années, 7 mois - 29 Avril 2016, Carbuzz
5 Chinese Automaker Design Rip-Offs From Beijing 2016
Apparently, it’s hard for Chinese-owned automakers to employ designers with any originality. It’s not that some of the newest Chinese cars look bad (they don’t), it’s just that, once again, they’re near carbon copies of vehicles done by Western automakers.

You know the drill by now. With the 2016 Beijing Auto Show currently going on, we figured now would be a good time to present five of the latest Chinese automotive design clones. We’re still shocked they actually get away with this.

What you’re looking at isn’t the Bugatti Veyron. Nor is it the Chiron because, obviously, there wasn’t enough time to copy its design. It’s the Qiantu K50, a pure EV supercar. Power comes from two electric motors, located at the front and rear axles, respectively. Total output is said to be around 400 hp, with a top speed of 124 mph. Car News China claims it’ll sell in China for the equivalent of $108,000.

Ok, the Hongqi B-Concept looks like an Audi. Any Audi. That large hexagonal front grille is a dead ringer for what’s found on every Audi. This may only be a concept for now, but it’ll supposedly make production in the near future. The mind reels.

Wait. Hang on. Did a new Volkswagen Tiguan debut at Beijing? No, but the Chery Tiggo 7 did. Is Tiggo Chinese for whatever the hell Tiguan means?

Meet the LeSee EV, a concept car that’ll enter production at some point. LeSee is apparently a new Chinese brand owned by, according to Car News China, LeEco, a technology company that owns LeTV, sort of the Chinese market equivalent of Netflix. Copy the Tesla Model S, copy TV streaming. Makes sense.

The Jaguar F-Pace is just arriving in dealerships, so now it’s time to meet its Chinese clone. This is the Borgward BX7, built by BAC. It’s almost as if some Jaguar designer was kidnapped and forced to design this thing at gunpoint.