Automakers show resilience in 2011 Best Global Brands report

il y a 11 ans, 7 mois - 12 Octobre 2011, Autoblog
Automakers show resilience in 2011 Best Global Brands report
Automakers fared extremely well in Interbrands' Best Global Brands 2011 Report.

The study, which ranks the financial strength of all kinds of brands around the world, was topped by Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Google and General Electric. Most automakers either held fast or moved up in the top 100, with the exception of Ferrari, which fell from 91 to 99. Despite having a rough row to hoe these last two years, Toyota still leads the automaker pack on the list, sitting tight this year at number 11, after dropping from eighth last year, followed closely at 12 by Mercedes-Benz.

Nissan popped back on to the list this year, making a surprise comeback at 90 after a four-year absence. According to Interbrands, both Nissan and Toyota showed enough resilience in the face of both the earthquake and Toyota's quality control issues that their brand value actually increased for 2011.

Funnily enough, Ford was the only one of the Detroit automakers to make the list.

Others on the list included BMW, which held fast at 15, Honda, which jumped one place to 19, Volkswagen which climbed from 53 to 47, Ford, which held fast at 50. Audi and Hyundai both moved up four places, into 59 and 61, respectively. Porsche held its footing at 72, while Nissan and Ferrari brought up the rear.  Click here to see the whole list.