Batman-Inspired Kia Optima Concept Headed For Gotham Reveal

il y a 10 ans, 7 mois - 15 Octobre 2012, Autoblog
Batman-Inspired Kia Optima Concept Headed For Gotham Reveal
DC Entertainment is leading a charity campaign called "We Can Be Heroes" to raise awareness of hunger in The Horn of Africa.

With help from artist Jim Lee and Rides magazine, Kia has joined the Justice League with a Batman-themed Optima SX apparently inspired by the Dark Knight's darkest nights.

Looking like Batman went to SEMA, a set of coilovers gets the Optima SX hunkered down over an intense bodykit and 20-inch wheels. The exterior is done in matte black and piano black, but a carpet of yellow LEDs will make sure it never gets lost in the night – they even shine from behind the massive brakes, the Batwing-shaped grille and the HID headlights etched with the Bat-Signal. The interior gets lots of black leather with Batman logos, "utility throwing stars" in the console and a Batsuit and cowl in the trunk.

The one-off Kia will be unveiled in Gotham City, and it's the first of eight custom Kias playing doppelgangers to DC characters.