BMW GoPro Integration Now Works With Your iPhone

il y a 6 ans, 9 mois - 18 Avril 2016, Autoblog
BMW GoPro Integration Now Works With Your iPhone
Coming this summer an upgrade to BMW's GoPro integration will combine the camera's feed with the M Laptimer app. This will let Bimmer drivers get a look at both lap telemetry and video replay at the same time.

Despite the upgrades, BMW's setup lacks some of the features of the impressive Performance Data Recorder found on the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro.

BMW M Lap Timer with GoProBMW already let drivers control a GoPro through iDrive, but this improvement makes the functionality a lot more for track use. As soon as someone activates the M Laptimer app, the GoPro automatically starts recording. The video still saves in the camera's memory, but a low-res version also goes to the connected iPhone to sync with the app's data. Drivers can then see driving data on top of the phone's screen and the clip on the bottom (right).

The M Laptimer monitors details like throttle input, speed, braking, steering angle, engine revs, fuel level, and g-force. Plus, the system records top speed, number of laps, best lap time, and the ambient temperature.

We wish this system were as neatly integrated as the GM's Performance Data Recorder. For this system to work, a driver needs a GoPro HERO3 or later camera, the BMW M Laptimer app on their iPhone (4S or newer), a BMW model capable of running BMW Apps, and the phone must be connected to the infotainment system. Anything that can help shave a few tenths off a lap and then share the video of that accomplishment with buddies is a welcome improvement, though.