Car-Jacking: Drivers, beware!

il y a 11 années, 5 mois - 28 Décembre 2012, The Défi Media Group
Car-Jacking: Drivers, beware!
New form of crime or crime seasonal, carjacking its toll now. Furthermore pickpockets which must be wary during this period, Mauritians are facing a new type of flight.

It's summer. The festivities are there and it is a period or can not take anything seriously. However, gangs specializing in car thefts not idle during this period. In recent weeks, they occur mainly in the north and have already resulted in several casualties.

The opening of the new shopping center Grand Baie La Croisette is a godsend for these gangs. On November 6, a Nissan March belonging to a sergeant ADSU was stolen while it was parked in the underground parking of the mall. The policeman said that he went there with his family. After shopping, he came back a little later file its provisions in the car before joining his family at the Food Court. Two hours later, when he returned, the car is gone.

A statement was immediately recorded in the police station of Grand Baie. It seems that the parking lots of shopping centers are popular hunting car thieves. Last year, it was the parking lot of the mall was the place Bagatelle favorite action. According to the complaint, which was recorded in Moka police station, a bank manager, living in Pointe-aux-Sables, explained that on that day, between 18 and 19 hours, he had parked his car in the parking lot of commercial Bagatelle and he went to the Mall. It was on his return he found the theft of his Mitsubishi Lancer.

That same day, 6 November 2012, another car theft was reported at Mont Choisy. This time it is a French 52 years who has paid the price. According to him, he had rented a car and had parked Grind My Choisy-day flight.

Failed attempt

A few days later, a driver was also the victim of a gang of car thieves. This time, things did not go as planned for these thugs. The young woman was in her car, a Toyota Vitz, the parking lot of a nightclub in Grand Baie, when someone approaches and asks for his lighter. at a given time, the individual would have taken his car keys. Refusing to do, she was able to push the thief fled with his keys. The next morning, another attempt was made to Grind Swan, Pereybere.

The center of the island also known similar cases. At Rose Hill, a stolen car was registered last month. A Nissan AK 12 was parked on the road Hugnin. According to a police officer who is familiar with the case, car thefts are still rare in Mauritius. "These are flights motorcycles that are most often recorded. The thugs prefer to steal motorcycles, because it is much easier to sell in parts. For cars, there are not many thieves who are gifted for it, "he says.

He added that the car thieves operate in a very specific purpose. "As it is difficult to sell a stolen car in Mauritius, they fly to sell a spare part that sells for a high price on the market. Otherwise, these flights are instantly. That is to say, a group of young people see a car and fly somewhere for a ride. There are also those who subtilised cars to use in a robbery or a crime, "says our interlocutor.

Various procedures

The modus operandi varies gang to band. "There was a gang we stopped in 2008. His modus operandi was clear: he rented a car from the same brand as the vehicle he owned. The rented car in his possession, he made a duplicate key and then went to the rental agency. Then he followed up on this car and fly thereafter. Then he uses the license plate, the Horse-power, certificate of insurance on his own car stolen car, for they are of the same brand. "

Dealers, nothing is left to chance for the safety of their client. At Allied Motors, Volkswagen and representative Audit security system installed in cars is very effective, says one. "We put all our cars in a system called Secure lock. This system, as its name indicates, immobilizes the car if the ignition key is not there. If someone really wants to steal our cars, it will be towed. If properly coded key is not used to start the car, it will never start, "says Harish Ringadoo Allied Motors.

In addition, it ensures that the agency has no duplicates of car keys. "If a customer loses his car key is in Germany, the country of origin of our brands, the new key will be manufactured according to the chassis number of the car." However, if a car is equipped with any anti-theft system, the owner can get them in a store for car accessories. These include the "car alarm" or the GPS which allows to track the car if it was stolen.

Tricks and tips thieves

In Mauritius, thieves use methods enough to take a classic car. Sachin Goochooa, Garage mechanic K.Ramdin in Vacoas explains their process. "They are breaking a window of the car and get inside. Most of the time, the alarm will not trigger when it is the window that is broken. Then they trade the son in the Switch contact to start it. Sometimes they force the lock of the car with another key to open it. If the alarm goes off, they cut the son feeding the electricity system as quickly as possible, "says the engineer. Apart from the GPS and Car Alarm, Sachin explains that there is another way to secure a car. "There is a system called the Press Start. This is a button that we, mechanics install in the customer's car. There is only one who knows where the button apart from the mechanic. The driver must press this button to start the car. The key is not enough, "he said.

Cameras: a necessity

It is thanks to surveillance cameras a gang that raged in the north was taken out of harm's way. A young woman who almost got his car stolen in Grand Baie, it noted the brand of the car bandit, a Mitsubishi Lancer. Made aware of this essential detail, the police did not have a lot of difficulty to trace the car and, thanks to video footage from surveillance cameras CCTV Control Room of Grand Baie. And the license plate of the car has been identified.

Forces and the police, arrested a man named Leon Mc Dinally, 23, who is confessed. In addition, thanks to CCTV images, the officers have elucidated the theft of a Suzuki Swift, stolen in early November in Trou aux Biches. On the images, we see the Mitsubishi Lancer when towing the Suzuki Swift. CCTV images also allowed police officers to get their hands on four young men Istifaaq Toorabally (20 years), Zaib Neetoo (30 years), Jaydool Abedeen Dandool (28 years) and Ghazi Purdhan Muzammil (20 years), member gang who stole the Nissan March at the mall in Grand Baie La Croisette.

Gino, "I still have not found my car"

Gino Dabysing, a resident of Vacoas was the victim of a car theft in 2010. Two years after the fact, the car has still not been found. "I parked my car outside my house like every day. One morning when I had to go to work, she was no longer there. It was a Nissan B13. I immediately alerted the police, but she still has not found the Nissan. " Gino said he did not despair of one day see his car, although he has already bought another.

Sanjiv: "I've been threatened, tied up and robbed"

In 1990, Sanjiv S., taxi driver, was the victim of the theft of his car. The method used by thieves is very special, it is an experience that qualifies Sanjiv terrible. "It was 11 hours. Three individuals came into my taxi and I wanted to take Solitude. Halfway, they forced me out of the vehicle threatening me with a knife. They took me in the middle of a cane field and tied me up before fleeing with my car. I could release an hour later and I ran to get help. My car was found three days later, and the thieves were sent to jail three months later. They lived Bois Marchand and Broken Battery ".