Drivers, Conductors And Passengers : Obligations And Duties

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Drivers, Conductors And Passengers : Obligations And Duties
The police report on the accident Sorèze recommends that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) consider the possibility of impeachment recipient of the bus, because it allowed more passengers than the number authorized. This highlights the responsibilities of recipients, drivers and bus passengers. Report.

Vhiswwanath Bundhoo, recipient of the Blue Line bus to the National Transport Company (NTC) involved in the tragic accident Sorèze, which killed 10 people on May 3, could be accused of breaking the law.
He confessed to have accepted more passengers than the permitted number. The police report on the accident to recommend impeachment. There were 51 passengers instead of 45 in the bus. The recipient is liable to imprisonment. This highlights the responsibilities, but also the difficulties encountered by recipients and bus drivers.
"The role of the receiver is not simply take the money and put the bus ticket. Its task is well beyond. It has a duty to ensure that all goes well when the public travel, "says Richard, who was the recipient for five years and now works in the administration of a transport company.
Just as the function of the driver is not limited to convey passengers. "The driver is like the captain of a ship. He must ensure that passengers arrive safely at their destination and have a nice trip, "says Sunil Jeewonarain, bus owner and secretary of the Mauritius Bus Owners Cooperative Federation, which includes bus operators individual. The receiver also provides "interaction" with the public, he added.
"A recipient must accommodate passengers, guide, although it is not always obvious," says Richard.Politeness should be the watchword of the function of the bus driver. "The driver must know when to start, that is to say when the passenger is seated. It should not embarrass the traveling public, "said Sunil Jeewonarain.
However, these rules are not easy to put into practice every day. For the driver, it is to juggle the mood swings of public incivility and other drivers. "Some people can have severe reactions to the recipient or the driver, which can endanger all occupants of the bus," says Roy Hemraj, bus driver and president of the Transport Industry Workers Union, a union the CNT. He pointed out that the task of the bus drivers on the road is hard, knowing that it is a heavy weight.
At peak times, recipients have difficulty interacting with passengers who want to enter at all costs in the bus. "Often, the receiver asks passengers not to enter, but they do it anyway. He finds himself alone in front of dozens of people, "said Richard. According to him, we must consider the human aspect. "There are sometimes people that you come across every day. How not to let them in, even if we do not stop to think about the safety of our passengers? "He notes.
The duties of travelersTravelers have responsibilities and rules to follow when taking the bus. They can be told to get off a bus and are subject to fines and imprisonment if they do not follow the rules. The Road Traffic (Conduct of Passengers) Regulations list the different rules to follow and the penalties incurred if transgression.
At the bus stop, the passengers have to queue, not to exceed those in front and stay on the dedicated passenger platform. On the bus, passengers can have goods, large or bulky luggage.
They carry the baggage must not exceed 10 pounds. Passengers should not be standing on the steps, drinking, smoking or littering on the bus. Passengers traveling without a ticket is liable to a fine of Rs 5000. The same goes for the use of foul language or bad behavior. Smoking in a bus is liable to a fine of Rs 300 to Rs 5,000 and a maximum prison sentence of three months.