Driver’s Guide 2011 on impending law changes

il y a 11 ans, 9 mois - 11 Juin 2011
Driver’s Guide 2011 on impending law changes
The third edition of the Complete Driver’s Guide, written by sergeant Barlen Munusami, will be released on June 20.

The author explains that the booklet is a reference guide to drivers aimed at promoting road safety in Mauritius.

The third edition of the guide comprises new information, including impending traffic-law changes and regulation on the new licence plates of vehicles. It highlights factors that cause road deaths such as speeding and drunk driving. The booklet also takes a look into potentially deadly distractions which may occur behind the wheel and common errors made everyday by drivers on the roadways.

The move comes after growing concern following a spate of road accident deaths which, according to official figures have killed some 153 people in the previous year alone. The death toll since January has grown to more than 63 people compared to about 50 fatal deaths reported for the corresponding period in 2010.

The booklet is in French but the road code is in French and English, comprising 240 road code test questions.