Epic Tesla Cybertruck Spec Ad Entitled 'It Came From Beyond'

il y a 2 ans, 10 mois - 25 Mai 2020, InsideEVs
Epic Tesla Cybertruck Spec Ad Entitled 'It Came From Beyond'
It sure seems like the Tesla Cybertruck did come from another world.

Ah, the days of Project Loveday come back to us now and again. This new Tesla Cybertruck spec ad took us back, since its creator Joe Sill produced one of our favorite Tesla Model S ads years ago. We've embedded it below to refresh your memory, or in case you never saw it in the first place.

Joe Sill is an award-winning director and a Tesla fan. He's been quarantining in Los Angeles and decided it was time to revisit Tesla as a new ad project. What better than the Cybertruck to pique his interest?

he Tesla Cybertruck surely seems as if it came from beyond. We all know CEO Elon Musk is a big fan of space exploration, with plans to eventually head to Mars. Of all Tesla's current vehicles, the Cybertruck seems the best fit for the planet. Perhaps SpaceX can make it happen someday? Heck, they already sent Musk's Tesla Roadster into orbit.