Ferrari 458 Driver Runs Over Cop's Foot

il y a 10 ans, 9 mois - 7 Août 2012, Autoblog
Ferrari 458 Driver Runs Over Cop's Foot
A man parks his Ferrari 458 Italia on a street in New York City. A police officer arrives to issue a ticket, during which time the man returns. The man doesn't appear to say a word, just gets in and starts the car.

The policeman moves to the front corner of the 458, standing up against quarter panel to make sure the owner doesn't drive away. The man then proceeds to, albeit very slowly, drive away – until he starts to drive over the cop's foot, at which point the pounding and yelling begin and the driver gets yanked from the car and introduced to the gritty taste of NYC pavement. And handcuffs. And gawkers with video cameras. Neither the man nor the Ferrari came out of it unscathed – the now-impounded 458 Italia was scratched in several places.

According to the New York Post, the Ferrari driver in question is 28 year-old Julien Chabbott, an internet entrepreneur. The Ferrari was cited for parking in a no-parking zone, along with failure to display an NYC inspection sticker in its front window and failing to have a registration. The unidentified police officer reportedly sustained injuries to his left hand and right foot in the altercation.

Before you cue up the video below, a warning: While there's less foul language than we'd expect in light of the events, there is some. And if you're wondering who the blond hovering around the back of the car is, that's said to be Stephanie Pratt, erstwhile cast member of the MTV show The Hills. We aren't sure what her relationship is to the driver, it's just part of the 2:47 craziness in the video