Ford Performance to introduce data logging app for track day junkies in 2017

il y a 7 années, 7 mois - 2 Novembre 2016, Autoblog
Ford Performance to introduce data logging app for track day junkies in 2017
In addition to having roughly 50 cars on display at SEMA, Ford Performance is also unveiling a new data-logging app that will give users the ability to analyze and share their on-track performance with their smartphones.

The data-logging app uses Ford's latest version of Sync 3 to display important track information, like the car's RPM, speed, current gear, and g-forces, which is then sent to the user's phone. Users can also utilize their smartphones to record video of their track day. The phone, besides being used as a camera, is also in charge of recording the vehicle's location around the track, which is also displayed on the infotainment screen. Both the phone and the Sync 3 project the same bits of information and can be used interchangeably.

The app will come with multiple recording modes, including one that overlay another car's ghost onto the track to allow users to see how laps stack up against one another. With the saved data, users can share lap times, videos of the track day, and other goodies through their preferred social media outlets.

The app is similar to the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray's Performance Data Recorder, but instead of using a built-in high-definition camera and a GPS receiver Ford Performance's app utilizes the driver's smartphone for these functions. It also allows the data to be saved onto the phone so you can show your buddies your fastest lap. The app will be offered on the Ford GT next year and will be expanded to other vehicles in the automaker's lineup shortly after.