'The Grand Tour' returns for the second season

il y a 5 ans, 3 mois - 4 Octobre 2017, Autoblog
'The Grand Tour' returns for the second season
"The Grand Tour" will return in the final quarter of 2017.

The three automotive stooges, Clarkson, Hammond and May, will return on Amazon Prime screens with the second season of the new show. It will be interesting to see how it compares not only to the first season, but to the revamped "Top Gear," which features Matt Le Blanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. The images seen here are the first shots Amazon has released of the new series.

There is a noteworthy change in the way things are run this time, as the studio tent will only be pitched in the Cotswolds, near Oxford, England. Part of the reason why the tent will not be hauled around the world must be that the production team has probably now calculated what it exactly costs to do that for a season, but there's also the hosts' health to consider. Jeremy Clarkson has been recuperating from a nasty case of pneumonia, and then there's Richard Hammond's Rimac supercar crash, which we will finally see in a "Grand Tour" episode.

But it's not like the Tour means staying at home and racing from the fridge to the pantry. In this season, the team will be visiting more locations than in its first outing: 100 days over four continents, and the countries include Croatia, Mozambique, Switzerland and Spain, with Colorado and New York mentioned as U.S. locations. Colorado is also where the team was photographed with a pack of most likely affordably bought Jaguars.

The new season is also accompanied by a book, "The Grand Tour Guide to the World," and it will be published by Harper Collins on Oct. 31.