Hackers prove they can break into Subaru Outback via texting

il y a 12 années, 3 mois - 8 Août 2011
Hackers prove they can break into Subaru Outback via texting
Texting and driving is a dangerous practice, we can all agree on that. But would you be surprised to learn that texting might cause you trouble even when your vehicle is locked up tight?

As more and more daily items tap into the Matrix, we're exposing more products to those crafty enough to have taken the red pill that is a complete understanding of computer science.

The Black Hat organization gathers industry professionals for events that focus on technical security, and hosts meetings around the world. A recent event in Las Vegas brought out a few folks from iSec Partners, who demonstrated that they could unlock and start a Subaru Outback using their Android phone. By setting up their own GSM network, the pair from iSec grabbed authentication passwords by way of text messages. This gained them entry to the vehicle, and also allowed them to fire up the engine.

This security issue isn't a flaw related solely to the Outback either, as the duo from iSec explained how they could gain control over any device that is accessible via similar networks. Excuse us while we go wrap everything we own in tinfoil, including our heads.