Honda Civic 5-Door Mule Spotted Testing

il y a 8 années, 4 mois - 7 Mai 2015, Autoblog
Honda Civic 5-Door
Honda Civic 5-Door
Rather than the current split between the North American Civic and the European version, Honda is taking the popular compact model global for its new generation.

We've already caught glimpses of the next coupe in patent documents, covered in camouflage, and even in concept form in New York. However, the promised five-door hatch to be assembled in the UK but available in the US has remained more of a mystery – at least until these great spy shots.

There's no mistaking that this mule started life as an Acura ILX, but the luxury sedan is highly modified for this duty. At the front, look closely to see where Honda's engineers tack on extra width around the wheel arches. Of course, the big star here is the rear end. The back is completely covered in camo, but the concealment isn't good enough to hide the hump of the hatchback. The sliced-off shape is actually somewhat reminiscent of Europe's current Civic five-door. Also, note that the taillights on this test car are similar to the ones on the concept in the Big Apple.

Honda promises coupe, sedan and five-door body styles, and the next-gen Civic will be powered in the US by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder with the choice between a six-speed manual and a CVT. The first of them go on sale here this fall, although not all the variants will likely launch at the same time.