Hyundai Spotted Testing Prius Rival

il y a 9 années - 3 Juin 2015, Autoblog
Hyundai Spotted Testing Prius Rival
That Hyundai is gearing up to go after the Toyota Prius with a dedicated hybrid of its own is no great secret. We've seen prototypes for it testing twice before. But this is our best look at the Korean challenger yet, wearing its own bodywork and in the light of day.

Spied undergoing testing in Germany, this prototype dubbed AE HEV (likely for Advanced Experimental or Alternative Energy Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is still heavily camouflaged to keep it away from prying eyes (like ours). But there are still some details we can discern from underneath the cloth cladding.

For starters, you can see the horizontal slates on the front grille, blue accents on the headlights, maybe even a strip of LED daytime running lights. There looks to be a spoiler at the back similar to that on the European hatchback version of the Honda Civic.

Of course it's another Honda whose form this prototype seems to be emulating, and that's the Insight. It'll be interesting to see if Hyundai can succeed where the Insight failed, and take the fight to the Prius. Expect to see it emerge sometime in the second half of next year.