Hyundai Teases 'Ground-Breaking' SUV Concept Ahead Of L.A. Debut

il y a 4 années - 14 Novembre 2019, motor1
Hyundai Teases 'Ground-Breaking' SUV Concept Ahead Of L.A. Debut
It could provide us with an early look at the next-gen Tucson.

The 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show is right around the corner, which means that between now and next week's first press day, we are going to be bombarded by automakers with teasers about their new products. More than 65 debuts are planned, and at least one of them will be from Hyundai. We're talking about the SUV teased here and described by the South Korean brand as being a "ground-breaking" concept.

Hyundai is being coy on details for the time being, but we did modify the teaser images in an attempt to reveal the vehicle's exterior design. From the nearly square wheel arches and intricate front grille pattern to the absence of conventional door handles and side mirrors, you can easily tell this is something a bit more special.

The way the grille blends with the headlights makes us think of the recently introduced 2020 Grandeur facelift as well as the spectacular 2018 Le Fil Rouge concept, while the front bumper appears to boast air curtains to guide the airflow and improve aerodynamic efficiency. That fancy grille is more than just for show as it has active panels (air shutters) that remain closed when the vehicle is stationary and slide open as needed when the SUV is in motion to further boost fuel efficiency and aero.

Hyundai has also released a short clip of what its swanky new SUV concept, revealing a full-width rear light strip we've been seeing so much lately. We can also briefly check out the charging port as the vehicle boasts a plug-in hybrid powertrain, although technical specifications are still shrouded in mystery.

We'll know what's what next week when the "eco-focused" SUV concept tailored to city use according to Hyundai will debut in L.A. It's the seventh showcar in a series of vehicles penned by the Hyundai Design Center to highlight the company's evolution of the Sensuous Sportiness global design language. We're getting the feeling the concept will provide us with an early look at the next-generation Tucson taking into consideration we're seeing some resemblances between the concept and the camouflaged prototypes.