Introduction of Tolls at Mauritius: Prem Beeharry: "The Tender Conditions Respected"

il y a 10 ans - 30 Janvier 2013, Défi Media Group
Introduction of Tolls at Mauritius: Prem Beeharry: "The Tender Conditions Respected"
This is the Independent Review Panel (IRP) that will be called upon to decide in the dispute over the choice of tenderer for the introduction of tolls in Mauritius. According to Prem Beeharry, the president of the Central Procurement Board (CPB), "all procedures were followed."

In this case, the CPB is pointed to the Independent Review Panel (IRP), because the call of the tenderer, the South African group Strabag JV-GroupFive disputes the final choice of CPB for Plan Consortium French duo Bouygues / Colas.

Questioned, Prem Beeharry, president of CPB, serene says: 'A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is complicated and technical. We had to call on foreign expertise, failing to have with us, and everything was done according to the procedures and conditions of the tender. If a dispute before the IRP at the CPB, we are confident. '

The project cost of congestion is estimated at Rs 30 billion. It covers the area of ??the roundabout at the Phoenix Red Earth, including the 'ring road', the Harbour Bridge, the bridge A1M1, the Terre Rouge-Verdun Link Road, Verdun-Trianon Link Road, the Highway Bagatelle and Valentina, the Iron Bridge and Port-Louis and the M2 motorway between Pier D and Terre-Rouge. This is a PPP project and the Mauritian government fund account for 80% and 20% bidder.

In the technical report, several shortcomings are noted in the offer of Bouygues / Colas, including the ramp in Phoenix who would not allow to go Jumbo movements in the South, much less for pedestrians. And as the region has a whole system to the sewer, "it will be impossible to build an underpass. "The Transaction Advisor noted other deficiencies in the documents submitted by the French duo.


What is surprising is that the closure of the international tender was fixed at 23 October 2012 and section 23 of the Act states that CPB will not accept amendments to documents after the close " Withdrawal and modifications of bids : A bidder may modify, substitute or withdraw its bid after submission, where the written notice of the modifica­tion substitution or withdrawal is received by the public body (CPB) before the deadline for the submission of bids "

However, in a letter dated November 16, 2012, more than three weeks after the closing date of the tender and signed by K. Dosieah, Acting Secretary of the CPB, the institution written Plan Consortium, which has its headquarters in St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, to report deficiencies in its documents. They are listed with technical details and CPB offers solutions to address them. "In view of these shortcomings, the CPB proposes that they be given urgent consideration," reads the letter.

" The Plan Consortium may wish to consider the following in arriving at a suitable solution : M1 could be located on overpass over the existing round-abouts at both Phoenix and Dowlut," advises CPB French Consortium.

The CPB also to solve the problem in Phoenix, that " a centre point interchange could also be considered and in the long term a directional ramp may be required to accommodate the movement and could be included in the design of the M1" An alternative roundabouts Phoenix and Dowlut is to "one-way frontage roads to Provide access onto the M1 entre le two round-abouts." Two other proposals are still made Bouygues / Colas: " Should you require any further explanation to this request, the CPB will consider clarification queries addressed through the Transaction Advisor," concludes the CPB.