Isuzu denies sale claims

il y a 13 années, 3 mois - 14 Avril 2011
Isuzu denies sale claims
Isuzi moved quickly to quash claims that a German powerhouse was considering the purchase of a stake of the Japanese truckmaker.

Reuters reported that a German magazine, Managerstated on April 13, 2011 that VW was considering buying all, or part, of Isuzu Motors.

The magazine also stated that VW and MAN – 30 percent owned by VW – discussed the possibility of MAN taking a state in Isuzu.

However the Japanese manufacturer denied any plans for a Volkswagen purchase. "There was a report concerning plans for our stock to be acquired by another company but there is no truth to that."

Furthermore, VW added that a decision on a possible stake in Isuzu was not on its agenda.