Killed while on his way to a funeral

il y a 11 ans, 12 mois - 4 Juin 2011
Killed while on his way to a funeral
Sadness settled within the family Choychoo Lower Vale. The youngest son, Mohammad Irfan Choychoo, 19, was killed while traveling with a colleague at a funeral at Camp de Masque.

The accident reportedly occurred while the truck was in front of him suddenly took a turn. The impact was such that he was seriously injured.Transported to hospital by police Flacq Camp de Masque, he was to make the soul aware of the day Thursday. The driver has been tested negative to the test. The autopsy performed by Dr. Gungadin on the evening of Thursday, attributed the cause of death as multiple injuries.

There was no indication that this day would be the last of his life. It's 8 pm 30 when Irfan leaves home to go to work on a motorcycle, a 125cc Haojue. "Since last December, my son works in a new company that sells goods in supermarkets and other shops. As the week when he starts work at 9 am 00, he left home around 8 am 30, "said his father, Parwez Choychoo, 50, hit hard by the sudden disappearance of his son.

However, as the father, he was at work when he learned that the grandmother had died of his boss. He wanted to go there to pay tribute to the deceased and thus have his sympathies to the family of his boss.With a colleague he visits the home of the deceased. It is the way that the inevitable happened. "He left his job at Flacq and go to the road headed for Camp de Masque on a motorcycle," said the father.

"Arrived near Camp de Masque, he was at the back of a truck. The vehicle without warning shot to his right when he wanted to pass on the right side thinking that the vehicle would continue his path straight. The driver had not bothered to put the flashing, "said the father. The passenger, she was projected onto the asphalt. She was admitted to hospital in Flacq.