Man Arrested for Charging iPhone on London Train

il y a 7 ans, 6 mois - 15 Juillet 2015, Autoblog
Man Arrested for Charging iPhone on London Train
Everyone knows that electricity isn't free, but in the modern world of rechargeable gadgets, there's an understanding that plugging your mobile device into an outlet for a few minutes isn't a big deal.

The last punishment you probably expect from topping up a dead iPhone is ending up in police custody, but a man on an overground train in London now knows that it's entirely possible.

Robin Lee was traveling by rail on July 10 when his cell phone battery died. With charger at hand, he plugged into a nearby outlet. To be fair, there was a sign proclaiming the spot was not for public use and was meant exclusively for the train's cleaners. It turned out that a police community support officer onboard took those rules very seriously and told Lee he was committing a crime, according to The Guardian. The two reportedly argued, and at the next stop, the British Transport Police got involved. Lee was arrested for "abstracting electricity." While that infraction sounds like something only Thor is capable of, it carries a maximum sentence of five years behind bars under a 1968 law, according to The Guardian.

The police apparently saw the absurdity of taking someone into custody for using an outlet to charge an iPhone, and Lee was let off on the offense. However, his reaction to the stressful situation might still have landed Lee a punishment, though. According to The Guardian, the cops also arrested him for "unacceptable behavior" for allegedly getting aggressive when initially arguing with the officer onboard the train for using the plug. The cops are still deciding how to proceed.