Metro Express: lack of foresight in decision-making

il y a 5 ans, 8 mois - 27 Juillet 2017,
Metro Express: lack of foresight in decision-making
The Betamax case may cost the taxpayers about Rs 5 billions.

And the way the Metro Express is being managed will lead to another significant loss in terms of infrastructure cost and regressing productivity if the government goes ahead with the junction from St Jean Road to Quatre-Bornes centre. Not only does it not make economic sense but there is also a lack of foresight in decision making at all levels of government, Singapore consultants, and the Joint Private and Public Sector Advisory Body. The worst is the ministry of Public infrastructure which is directly involved.

A more sensible and forward looking approach would be to maintain the present track from Quatre-Bornes Centre via Rose-Hill to Port-Louis. The track from Curepipe to St Jean road should be diverted to Ébène and then join Rose-Hill centre. Thus eliminating the need for the link from St Jean road to Quatre-Bornes centre.

The cost would slightly go up but the benefits would by far exceed the cost as Ébène, a strategic location, would form part of the Metro Express network. Moreover, this option overcomes the traffic/ pedestrians nightmare by eliminating the metro track from St Jean to Quatre-Bornes. Well, it is not too late and the PM can still intervene to take the right decision in the public interest. Otherwise, may God bless this country!