Mini Rocketman concept is presented at 2011 Geneva Auto Show

il y a 12 ans, 3 mois - 25 Février 2011
Mini Rocketman concept is presented at 2011 Geneva Auto Show
Mini returns to its roots in terms of size, style and clever packaging, however offers some modern twists on technology. Concept has a flexible rear storage compartment with a unique sliding rear drawer.

The future of BMW's small-car brand won't get lost far from the British company's roots in terms of size, style and clever packaging.

A three-door hatchback like the original Mini, the Rocketman measures less than 3,4m long overall, but manages to accommodate up to four passengers with its 3+1 seating configuration.

The car's rear luggage compartment is flexible, with a two-piece tailgate that includes a lower drawer that pulls out from the body.

As well, the concept’s two doors are both distinctive and functional, with integrated sills and external carbon-fiber double hinges that enable the doors to pivot out and away from the body, providing easy access to all seats, even in tight spaces.

A full-surface glass roof incorporates optical fibers that can be illuminated to re-create the iconic Union Jack flag. Otherwise, the roof braces glow Porcelain White, in marked contrast to the Bermuda Gray body. Sections of the carbon-fiber space frame also are visible alongside the painted and chromed surfaces of the front end.

Mini didn't detail what type of powertrain might be installed in the Rocketman, other than to observe that "it is designed to allow the integration of a drive system" with average fuel economy of 78 mpg.

While the Rocketman's instrument cluster houses the traditional oversize center dial, it also departs from tradition in adding a removable control unit that can be programmed at home before any journey, updating everything from music and personal e-mails to navigation destination details.

Many of the car's controls can be accessed from multifunction buttons on the left-hand steering-wheel spoke and a trackball integrated into the right-hand spoke.