Morne accident: two dead and three wounded

il y a 11 ans, 9 mois - 15 Juin 2011
Morne accident: two dead and three wounded
A traffic accident occurred in the day on Tuesday, June 14, leaving two dead and three wounded on the main road of Le Morne.

The drama was played when the minibus in which were the inhabitants of Baie du Cap has tried to avoid a stretch of water in the middle of the road before colliding against a tree.

The road has proven more deadly once it Tuesday, June 14 Two dead and three wounded, this is the death toll from this accident occurred on the main road of Le Morne, in this rainy day. Liong Kim Cheong Cheong Youn Fon, 39, driving a minibus and Richard Louis Désiré, 26, one of the other four passengers were killed instantly. Their death was found by emergency services who were dispatched to the scene and firefighters and a team from the Scene of Crime Office (SOCO).

Other passengers have been transported to hospital in Victoria Candos are Balliram Ramm, Steve Labonne and Santaram Luximon. All live in the Bay Area Cape, and this morning, as usual, they had boarded the minibus to go to work on a construction site at Pointe aux Sables.

However, says Brigitta, sister of Louis Richard Désiré, he had a sore throat and was to not go to work. "He had already warned the day before, he did not get to work on Tuesday because he was ill. He has continued to complain of sore throats, "says Brigitta Desire before continuing:" But this morning (Tuesday), his boss called him and warned that because of bad weather, a good number of workers would not go on at work and had to troubleshoot it. " Having already taken a day off Monday, June 13, Richard Louis Désiré finally decided to go to work.

Around 9 am, workers were in the minibus en route to Pointe aux Sables. It was raining heavily and the road was impassable because of water coming down the mountain. All decide to turn back to return home. And that is where the tragedy occurred. While the minibus was heading to Baie-du-Cap, the road became increasingly impractical. It is trying to avoid a stretch of water that the driver went off the road and struck a tree.

For many people in the area of Le Morne and Baie du Cap, the heavy rainfall recorded this Tuesday, or 53.2 mm at noon, is one of the causes of the tragedy, not to mention the state of roads and lack of foresight of the authorities in time of rain. "This is not the first time an accident occurs in this region. We made ??several requests to the authorities to repair roads but in vain, "says a resident of Baie-du-Cap.