The new generation of Mazda5

il y a 13 années, 7 mois - 13 Décembre 2010
The new generation of Mazda5
The new generation of Mazda5
Mazda has improved on its popular model with its first-generation compact multi-activity vehicle (C-MAV) set. Building on the current generation's attractiveness, the new model has new design up-grades, safety enhancements and touch-sensors on its sliding doors.

The new Mazda5 was given the Japanese automaker's new five-point front grille. The front has been transformed to feature flowing lines connecting in centre along with curved lines that form the general outline adopted for the new grille. The new face contributes to aerodynamic appearance that is uncommonly good for a C-MAV. A new front spoiler, a flat engine undercover and front tyre deflectors work together to channel air under the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption. 

The design of the auto has been optimised as well to improve the lift balance at the front and back and help to reduce the drag coefficient to only 0.30, one of the lowest in the its segment. The new Mazda5 is 80mm longer than the current model, at 4585mm, with a wheelbase of 2750mm and an overall width of 1750mm, height is the same - 1615mm.

In the cabin the centre panel have chromed plating decoration and silver-rimmed control knobs that create a look of quality and highlight the fashionable design of the new Mazda5’s cabin which has inherited the previous packaging concept - three rows of seats.

Power is provided by a two-litre engine producing 106kW at 6500rpm and peak torque of 180Nm at 4500rpm. It drives through a six-speed manual transmission with a claimed fuel consumption of 8.2 litres/100km. Suspension has been carried over from the previous model but the new Mazda5 will be the first model from the Japanese brand to feature its brake override system.

Improving on the previous generation’s safety features, the automaker has evolved its Mazda Geometric Motion Absorption (MAGMA) system. These improvements include a new bodyshell with strong Triple-H structures in the floor, sides and roof.

The new electric sliding doors have improved safety in the form of a touch-sensor strip that runs the length of the door. If enough force is applied to the strip to cause it to deform, the door stops instantly, reverses direction and returns to the open position.

Manufacturer offers 15 000km service intervals on the Mazda5, four-year or 120 000km warranty and a five-year or 90 000km service plan. A three-year roadside assistance plan comes standard, in addition.