Next-Gen Toyota Tundra Renderings Preview New Look For Old Truck

il y a 3 années, 1 mois - 13 Octobre 2020, motor1
Next-Gen Toyota Tundra Renderings Preview New Look For Old Truck
We may not see it until December 2021.

The Toyota Tundra is an old dog compared to its competitors. The current-generation model has been on sale for 13 years, and it could be 12 more months before wee see its next-gen replacement. There've been countless rumors about the truck, though we don't have a clue as to how it'll look. There are only so many ways to slice a truck, though new, unofficial renderings from preview how Toyota could give the pickup its own personality.

The pair of renderings provide a glimpse at what the next-gen Tundra could look like when it does arrive. It's not strikingly different from the current pickup, apparently following in the wheel-ruts of Ford with its new F-150. However, there are changes. The headlights are narrower with a new take on the truck's bright bar-style grille. The lower fascia has a much more modern appearance with the integrated bumper design and fog light housings.

The styling element that stands out the most is the crease in the fenders. It's subtle at the front, blending into the truck's natural wheel arch, but it's quite pronounced on the rear quarter panel, running the length of the bedside from the rear door and into the stylized taillight elements where it blends into a wing-like lip on the tailgate. There isn't much other excitement happening in the rear-end design, though.

The next-generation Toyota Tundra won't arrive until December 2021 before likely going on sale the following year. Rumors suggest the automaker will drop its V8 for a newly developed twin-turbocharged V6 in the pickup. The automaker has also suggested that some form of electrification could come to the Tundra, giving customers a hybrid-powered Tundra that'd take advantage of the powertrain's low-end torque. The automotive landscape is quickly changing with Ford, Tesla, GMC, and others pushing pickups into the future with all-electric and electrified powertrains. The next-gen Tundra has to be ready for anything.