Nissan Sees Old Leaf Batteries Working for Stationary Energy

il y a 7 ans, 11 mois - 19 Juin 2015, Autoblog
Nissan Sees Old Leaf Batteries Working for Stationary Energy
Nissan will start working with a Silicon Valley-based company to further explore creating a market in which old Leaf electric-vehicle batteries can be reused for stationary energy storage.

In fact, the Japanese automaker will deploy its first network of old Leaf batteries for electricity storage at one lucky Nissan facility this winter. No, we don't know where that facility is either.

The Santa Clara, CA-based Green Charge Networks will be a partner in the project. The concept of the "second-life" lithium-ion battery program involves finding ways to reuse batteries that have outserved their usefulness providing power to Leaf EVs. In this project's case, "multiple" Leaf batteries will be linked to provide power during mid-day peak energy demand, when electricity is at its most expensive.

Nissan's done these kind of things before, although, as is the case here, they've always been pilot projects. In fact, the Nissan 4R ("Reuse, Resell, Refabricate and Recycle") team that's working with Green Charge Network is actually a joint-venture Nissan formed with Sumitomo Corp. in 2010. Since then, Nissan has sold more than 178,000 Leaf EVs, giving the company a solid inventory of older lithium-ion batteries to work with in the coming years.