No Hub, No Wheel: The Future of E-bikes?

il y a 4 ans, 10 mois - 1 Août 2018, RideApart
No Hub, No Wheel: The Future of E-bikes?
New electric motorcycle concept out of Finland showcases some really out there design

There's an old saying that goes, "If you want to win, hire a Finn". This holds true from rally racing to Formula One to defending the homeland from the Soviets. Electric motorcycle concepts are no exception apparently, as proven by Finnish company RMK that has come up with an innovative new e-bike design that sends the motor to the back wheel.

Wheelless motorcycles are our vision of the future, just like the 50s pictures us zipping around in flying vehicles. Brand-new Finnish motorcycle company RMK is bringing the future to us with their motorcycle  concept, simply called E2. Where you would normally see a chain or a belt to pull the rear wheel forward, this system uses a cylindrical motor fitted with a massive tire at the rear as the source of power and of propulsion.

The 67 hp electric motor is expected to be paired up with one of two battery options that will offer 194 km or 210 km of range. Charging time should vary between two to three hours, which isn't a bad compromise. Torque at the back is expected to reach 236 lb-ft and top speed has been limited to 160 km/h which leads us to believe that the E2 is expected to be quite the spirited ride. According to the company's head designer, the rear "wheel" is even expected to be lighter than a standard motorcycle wheel.

Pricing for the E2 is expected to hover around €24,990 ($29,220) and despite no actual concept having been built, the model is available for pre-orders with a €2,000 ($2,340) down payment. If you'd rather wait and see the E2 with your own eyes before committing to a blind purchase, production is expected to start at a small scale over this summer.

RMK is also targetting to show the production version of the E2 at the Helsinki MP 19 Motorcycle Show from February 1 to 3, 2019.