NTC Acquisition of 65 Buses, CPB: "We Have Always Acted Independently ... "

il y a 9 ans, 6 mois - 15 Juillet 2013, Défi Media Group
NTC Acquisition of 65 Buses, CPB: "We Have Always Acted Independently ... "
The standoff between the Chairman of the National Transport Corporation (NTC), Ashwin Dookhun and the Central Procurement Board (CPB) never ends.

CPB issued, Saturday, July 13, a press to return to the "allegations" of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NTC on the switched to the acquisition of 65 new buses by the cor-poration procedures. A tender for the purchase of these buses exercise was launched last year, but was canceled.

In the press, Ashwin Dookhun spoke of "machinations" of CPB in this case. The agency responded by saying that the Board has "always acted independently, without any outside interference" and adds want to get the "value for money" in all bids he treats. The instance justify the cancellation of the tender specifications noting that buses do not allow "transparent competition" and argues that a new year "would definitively the NTC to find a better offer."

Returning to the details of this tender, the CPB said that the price of compliant bidder, namely ABC Motors, exceeded the figure of Rs 180 million that the NTC had budgeted for the acquisition of these new buses. It shows that advanced by the NTC figure included the cost of maintaining these buses. It was then that the Chairman of the NTC and the opposition argued that the supply of ABC Motors should not consider the maintenance of these buses. Therefore, the amount of the additional cost of supply of compliant bidder was smaller and "negotiations" were then possible.

Responding to this, the CPB also explains that "this kind of negotiations with a tenderer is possible only for infrastructure projects." The CPB also notes that the company Iframac, one of the other bidders, at any time "challenged" this year, but has only "representations", given the specifications of the buses.