NTC Buses Purchasing: CPB Defends Anil Bachoo

il y a 9 ans, 7 mois - 4 Juillet 2013, Défi Media Group
NTC Buses Purchasing: CPB Defends Anil Bachoo
The procedures for the purchase of buses by the National Transport Corporation (NTC) are currently attracting many comments.

However, the Central Procurement Board (CPB) denies any Minister Anil Bachoo’s interference in trying to alter the tender. In the same vein, the CPB also cooperate on some of the comments of the President of the NTC, Ashwin Dookun.

CPB does not mince words. "At no time nor the Minister Anil Bachoo nor any other member of the government did not intervene in the exercise of tender. The CPB is independently while respecting the provisions of the Public Procurement Act and assumes full responsibility for their decisions, "do we stand at this instance.

At the same time, the CPB also reacts to Ashwin Dookun remarks to the effect that the court may not rule on the specifications of the tender and that the details of the 'bidding document' may be amended a Once the procedures are initiated. Responsible for CPB, these comments show "a lack of knowledge of procurement procedures" and a "blatant ignorance" of 'procurement rules'. CPB notes that the same changes to the specifications of a tender after the proceedings have been initiated is in "no way illegal. "

Moreover, returning specifically on this case, the CPB said that the Bid Evaluation Committee noted that the three bids received, only ABC Motors had made a proposal for the two types of buses required, including buses from 60 to 65 seats and bus 34-38 seats with an engine 180 hp and six speeds. However, the price offered was far from estimates. Among other proposals, there is that a bidder who offered only buses of 60-65 seats with a 184 hp engine and five-speed, that another bidder had proposed bus 60-65 seats with an engine of 210 hp, while a fourth made no offer and complained of not being able to participate in the exercise following the specifications relating to the gearbox.

In this sense, says CPB, the Bid Evaluation Committee concluded that the supply of ABC Motors, the only bidder that met the criteria was too remote estimates and recommended a new tender exercise. CPB mainly points to the fact that at no time the question of allocating the contract to the firm Iframac was raised or discussed. " It is unfortunate that the NTC failed to issue the memoran­dum amending the bidding document, which its representatives agreed upon at meeting held at the CPB on 17th August 2012, i.e 13 days prior to the closing date for the submission of bids (not on the eve, as alleged) "says the CPB.

In this instance, it is by no means to buy at the lowest price or buy at any price, but

"Buy at a reasonable price" and ensure that there is a "judicious use of public funds. "The CPB encourages, indeed, all those who hold information about the illegal practices concerning the current fiscal year or any other business acquisition through the CPB" to alert the authorities. "