Price of coupon parking is doubled

il y a 12 années, 7 mois - 16 Février 2011
Price of coupon parking is doubled
Five to ten rupees and ten to twenty - drivers still take a hit. Since Tuesday morning, parking coupons are doubled. This decision has been taken by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to follows a modification to the Road Traffic (Paid Parking) Regulations 2002.

"It's really exaggerated! Already there is not enough parking now prices double! It gets worse day by day," fumed Sameerah, driving his car. Like many motorists, he has just known that the rates for parking coupons have increased by 100%.

For Prem, another driver, this is absurd. "When fuel prices soared in the price of the dollar, we understand! But what justifies this increase in parking fees? In addition, sites have not even been enhanced or improved. So why the increase? I do not understand," he quips.

A total of 374,547 motorists are concerned. This decision was announced to the heads of service stations through a circular dated February 9. According to managers operating in Vacoas and Curepipe, the letter was received yesterday. "In the circular, we are informed that the rates increase with coupons amendments to the Road Traffic (Paid Parking) Regulations 2002," says one manager.

Thus, the coupon parking zone 1 with duration of thirty minutes ago at Rs 20 instead of Rs 10 and those in Zone 2 now cost Rs 10 instead of Rs 5. The same increases apply to the Delivery Bay. This measure takes effect from Tuesday, causing a mess both at distributors of coupons and drivers. "We do not even know what to make active coupons. The Department could inform us and give us guidance, " said a coupons distributor.

In this regard, leaders of the Parking Unit of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure indicate that distributors of coupons and drivers must share the remaining coupons cons of their new department, located on the first floor of the Jade short, the street-Jummah Mosque in Port Louis. "This week will be flexible for motorists. They can put two coupons instead of one, but they need to exchange these vouchers by Friday," says one of the Parking Unit.

This new increase comes as new measures are being implemented for cars. In fact, the cost to ride the elevator car takes. For in addition to the coupon parking, now it takes Rs 500 to Rs 400 for service costs between Rs 100 to 300 on average for the fire extinguisher and not forgetting the famous plates. And here tonight is also the price of gasoline may flare.