Returning from prayer, he hit a dog - Two injured, one 17 year old admitted to the ICU

il y a 11 ans, 9 mois - 11 Juin 2011
Coodan Veeragadoo
Coodan Veeragadoo par The Défi Media Group
Veeragadoo Coogan Pillay, 17, Mont Fertile capita, Rose-Belle, the struggle between life and death in the intensive care unit of the hospital J. Nehru

He suffered a serious car accident, Wednesday during the evening. He was joined by Kunal Dewdharee, 20, a friend of the neighborhood when the accident occurred.

Both were returning on a motorcycle of a prayer at Beau-Vallon when a dog crossed the front wheels Kunal, who lost control of his craft. They ended their trip against a tree. Coogan, also called Kesaven and that was on the back seat suffered serious head injuries. Requested on the scene, an ambulance and taken to hospital to receive necessary care.

The pain is palpable on the faces of those came to visit Kesaven. Naden, the boy's father says that when the accident happened, it was supposed to come with him to a course on the Tamil language, "for two months now, and I Kesaven we give a course on the Tamil language in a Kovil in Rose-Belle. But on Wednesday, while I was preparing myself to go there with him, he said he did not accompany me. Instead, he left a prayer at Beau Vallon and his friend. Vegetarian, he fasted to prepare for the celebration of cavadee which is scheduled for Monday, "he said.

For Kunal, the scene went very quickly: "We were returning from prayer and I was driving on the main road to Beau Vallon a dog when I passed. I could not avoid it. I crashed before finishing my road against a tree. This is the ambulance that took us to the hospital. " He escaped with a broken foot. "It's 21 am to 30 through a friend that I received news that my son was the victim of an accident," explains Naden.

Since that day, the families of two victims continue to go back and forth between the hospital and their homes. "I pray for my son and appeal to people who want to unite their prayers to mine and to the family so that Kesaven can emerge from this ordeal. I also ask doctors to take good care of him, "says Naden who hopes his son will be restored as soon as possible.