Rimac C_Two Crash Tested Ahead Of 2021 Commercial Release

il y a 3 années, 7 mois - 30 Octobre 2020, motor1
Rimac C_Two Crash Tested Ahead Of 2021 Commercial Release
The company is making final evaluations months before the production begins.

There's a wild rumor circulating the internet that Rimac could become the next owner of Bugatti. We are eagerly awaiting to learn if there's some credibility in this speculation and we are pretty sure the executives in the Croatian company are very busy right now. In fact, everyone at Rimac is probably pretty engaged these days as the automaker is running the final tests before its C_Two hypercar goes into production next year.

The first prototypes of the vehicle already rolled off the assembly lines and Rimac even took the time to crash a few prototypes against concrete walls in the name of improving the car's safety ratings. The crash test program started back in 2019 and in total, Rimac will demolish no fewer than nine examples of the C_Two.

In a new video, the automaker takes us behind the scenes of a recent crash test session in which a test car was crashed at 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour) and a 40-percent offset in a deformable barrier impact test. The data gathered during the test was very important as it told the engineering team how the car behaved during the impact and gave them statistics about the effects over the test dummies.

There was no damage to the monocoque, meaning there was next-to-no deforming of the cabin, intrusion of the pedals or excessive forces exerted onto the driver and passenger,” Rimac’s analysis says. 

In order to homologate the C_Two for a commercial release - and Rimac wants to do that "in every single market around the globe," the Croatian company will crash a few more examples of the all-electric hypercar and will validate the results. Currently, the engineering team is in the middle of an intense testing program, which also includes high-speed track tests.