Saab says production will not resume August 9 as hoped

il y a 11 ans, 10 mois - 22 Juillet 2011
Saab says production will not resume August 9 as hoped
It looks like Saab isn't going to resume vehicle production on August 9 as it previously stated.

Talks are currently continuing with the automaker's supplier base and the company's new partners to secure additional short-term funding. Apparently, Saab is still waiting on the delivery of some parts necessary to start production, and as a result, manufacturing has been postponed until those pieces can be secured.

Currently, the automaker says that it has around 11,000 orders on hand, and that its executives are optimistic about being able to nail down all the necessary delivery plans to continue producing vehicles. At the earliest, that may now be as soon as August 29.

Saab has frantically worked to secure partners for long-, mid- and short-term funding, and the automaker has announced a rash of new plans as a result of its efforts. The most recent of those include the introduction of three new models in cooperation with Chinese companies Pang Da and Youngman.