Second hand car market – beware of defective vehicles

il y a 12 ans - 18 Mars 2011
Second hand car market – beware of defective vehicles
The tragedy natural disasters that have hit Japan will seriously affect its economy. Japan is an important economic partner of Mauritius because we import a large volume of vehicles, equipment and machinery in this country.

Japanese vehicles occupy a prominent place on the automotive market in Mauritius. Whether new or second hand - Japanese cars have always been very popular here. However, for some time, demand for Japanese cars has declined for many reasons.

The Japanese yen has made a dramatic rise in recent years, causing a rise in prices of Japanese products. On the other hand, the arrival of reliable vehicles from China and Korea, and at prices much more affordable, lowered Japanese sales. Also, Mauritius being a small market, big Japanese exporters tends to focus on large countries like New Zealand, Australia, the Gulf region and the African continent. There were also tax concessions on imported cars in countries like Sri Lanka, which represented a bonanza for the Japanese.

With the tsunami that hit Japan, thousands of vehicles were caught in the floods. Most of these vehicles will be retyped and then be exported at low prices. The caution is because these vehicles can also be brought at Mauritius. We expect huge availability of reconditioned cars from Japan in the coming months. The public is already protected because exporters have to submit certificates of inspection, but must still be careful not to have surprises.