A smokeless diesel against pollution

il y a 12 ans - 31 Mai 2011
A smokeless diesel against pollution
Stopping the vehicle smoke. For this, the State Trading Corporation (STC) plans to import a new type of diesel from 2012.This fuel will be more in line with international standards.

The project is to reduce the sulfur content. It will thus be reduced from 500 to 50 parts per million (ppm) to conform to the Maurice Ile Durable project. Such fuel is particularly aimed at the automotive industry.

To import and distribute such fuel, the STC has already begun negotiations with the leading fuel supplier in the country, Mangalore Refinery Petrochemicals Ltd.. A delegation recently visited India to finalize the discussions. It is now to initiate and finalize discussions with the fuel dispensers in Mauritius.

At STC, we insist that the new type of fuel will be lighter because of the reduced sulfur content. It is also possible that this has an impact on price.

A committee was established at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to study how this type of fuel will be introduced. The committee's task to see whether an adjustment period for buses or vehicles that have old engines.

STC began importing a type of diesel with a sulfur content was reduced from 2500 ppm to 500 ppm for the automotive industry.

The diesel with a sulfur content of 2500 ppm is imported only for "bunkering purposes".

At STC, we insist that the type of diesel will be imported will be more refined. Less polluting. The black smoke emanating from the exhaust of heavy trucks and will be a thing of the past once this type of fuel will be imported in Mauritius. It insists that this fuel will enable the public to breathe easier during congestion because there will be less polluting smoke into the air.

The import of this fuel will be an impact on the price because it is more refined. STC will pay the price.

For the period from August 2010 to July 2011, STC will import around 250,000 tonnes of diesel to 500 ppm and 100 000 tonnes to 2,500 ppm (Marine Bunker). It does not stop there way. It intends to support the plan to bring to market a type of fuel with ethanol-blended gasoline. The goal is to try to reduce dependence on gasoline alone. A Steering Committee was established in the office of the Prime Minister to work on the subject.