Tesla May Dial Back Autopilot Features

il y a 7 ans, 5 mois - 14 Décembre 2015, Autoblog
Tesla looks to reign in the capabilities of its Autopilot and Autosteer systems in the company's 7.1 firmware upgrade. An anonymous user with early access to the firmware claims to Teslarati that the software clamps down on Autopilot's capabilities.

Drivers can reportedly now only activate the tech, including Autosteer, when traveling below the speed limit on a given road. The cruise control allegedly doesn't have these constraints.

Elon Musk already announced the company would curb Autopilot's abilities soon without going into detail. According to Teslarati, some owners are livid that the technology-focused automaker might take back features from drivers. The system already has some minor limits, though, like not allowing activation when the sensors don't have a sufficient awareness of the road.

While Autopilot doesn't offer fully autonomous driving, the system is certainly a step down that road. The vehicles can even learn from one another. However, some owners clearly can't accept the responsibility. Videos show drivers vacating their common sense behind the wheel or leaving the driver's seat entirely. It took barely a week after the tech's release for someone to get a speeding ticket, too.

When asked about the 7.1 features by Autoblog, a Tesla spokesperson told Autoblog: "We will have more information to share about updates to our Autopilot system in the coming weeks."