Toll System: Questions About the Choice of the 'Most Preferred Bidder'

il y a 10 ans - 29 Janvier 2013, Défi Media Group
Toll System:  Questions About the Choice of the 'Most Preferred Bidder'
A document from Central Procurement Board (CPB) reveals several "failures" Plan Consortium, the 'Most Preferred Bidder' for the implementation of the toll system in Mauritius.

One of the points of contention raised: the proposal to build an interchange at Phoenix. Another document shows that GroupFive-JV Strabag another bidder better meets 'technical requirements'.

An ambitious and colossal government is subject to controversy: management of toll roads consistent with the Road Decongestion Program and overseen by the Road Development Authority (RDA). The cost of the contract in question: not less than Rs 30 billion.

Eleven bidders had shown their interest in this project. Last year, three of them had been detained by the Central Procurement Board (CPB) to begin the Request for Proposal stage: Plan Consortium, Group Five / Strabag Consortium and China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd.. Consortium Plan is considered the 'Most Preferred Bidder' by the CPB. However, this designation raises questions in the areas concerned. Documents in our possession noted some "shortcomings" regarding his proposal.

In a letter addressed to Plan Consortium, dated 16 November 2012, the CPB notes that "the realignment of the exchanger in the Phoenix area does not seem adequate to the traffic in this region. "The CPB and notes exchanger does not allow movement of vehicles Jumbo south. The construction of an underpass is also proposed in Phoenix.

But the CPB estimates that this is not possible due to the sewer system. Another question CPB: the draft self-deck height roundabout Dowlut. There would be "a lack of space in this region. "The same document points out that there is movement of pedestrians in the area and a bus stop in the north-west Dowlut. "These problems are unlikely to be included in your new plans," said CPB.

In the 'Road Decongestion PPP Program Project: TET Final Evaluation Report', paper of the Road Development Authority, it is emphasized that "technical improvements by Five-Strabag Group Consortium show that technical specifications are slightly higher than Plan Consortium . '

However, the same report states that "Plan Consortium has responded better risk assessments that Strabag Group Five-Consortium. "'Road Decongestion PPP Program Project: TET Final Evaluation Report' Consortium Plan also emphasizes that responded to questions from the CPB" appropriately "in his letter of 16 November and intends to make changes to its original plans.