Twenty NTC bus down every day

il y a 12 ans, 1 mois - 20 Avril 2011
Twenty NTC bus down every day
The situation at the National Transport Company (NTC) is going from bad to worse.

Further losses of Rs 51 million from July 2009 to June 2010, the condition of buses is poor. Almost twenty buses break down daily, said Hamrag Roy, chairman of the Transportation Industry Workers Union (TIWU) which includes employees of the NTC.

An officer of the company says that it exchanges the parts of different buses, information confirmed by Robin Soonarane, CEO of the organization.

"We have 525 buses on our roads, and it is normal that there are failures but we have different types of failure. We are a parastatal bodies and we must follow the law. We need to make ratings before making the purchase of a piece. Sometimes it takes several days. At other times, you get different parts. It is also the fact that we have no parts of the country and we need to order from abroad. "

Robin Soonarane has also indicated that the driver is solely responsible for the accident that took place last week at Plaine-Champagne. The others are just the "force finding" to support the driver. "Zot pe rakont zistoir si zot pe dir ki bis la ine deza fer aksidan”.

There have been several complaints about the braking of the bus involved, said for his part Hamrag Roy. He regretted that the management company punishes its employees when they make complaints.

"Value of the day, we should already have 200 new buses on our roads but it has only 23," said Roy Hamrag.