UoM Hosts First Motorcycle Show

il y a 10 ans, 10 mois - 27 Mars 2012, Défi Media Group
UoM Hosts First Motorcycle Show
A first at the University of Mauritius! As part of a project, Brillicious Events Group, a group of students in the second year in industry BSc Tourism, Leisure and Recreation Management organizes this Saturday, the first Moto Show.

Throughout the duration of the Motorcycle Show, you will have the opportunity to discover and admire the sublime sport motorcycles, and motocross, as well as sumptuous quads.

For more than four hours, rumbling from a fifty sport motorcycles will roll over a campus of the University this Saturday, March 31. Are also planned an exhibition and a demonstration of a dozen quads and motocross on the parking lot of University gymnasium. 

"The day will begin with a parade of cars that symbolize the epitome of luxury including the Aston Martin. Then, up to high-end bicycles and very powerful. Professionals deliver stunt performances in breathtaking, “ says Yeshna Ramchurn, Public Relations Officer of the organizing group, Brillious Events Group. The Motorcycle Show will begin at 10:00 and ends at 16 hours. A DJ will be on hand to ensure the atmosphere. 

Improve their negotiation skills and ensure their growth in organizing this event, expand the knowledge of sports motorcycles and bicycles as well as touching the safety aspect of these sports, improve image of the university - what are the objectives of some Brillicious Events Group. 

The organization of the Motorcycle Show will account for 30% of final exams for those students in second year. The event will aim to support the sponsors and provide a platform for young people on sports motorcycles and bicycles. This day will be both educational and entertaining for young people. Many surprises and gifts will be reserved for the general public. Access to the Motorcycle Show will be free.