Wald International introduces the F01 BMW 7-Series "Black Bison" Edition

il y a 12 ans, 6 mois - 26 Novembre 2010
After having showed numerous other Black Bison Edition-labeled cars in the past, including the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and the W212 Mercedes E-Class, Japanese tuning firm Wald International has now applied the tuning refreshing to the latest F01 BMW 7-Series.


The Black Bison Edition aero-kit adds a new front bumper with a lip spoiler and LED daylights and a sportier but more complex-looking rear apron with a diffuser and an LED braking light. True, somebody have preferred a matte finish for the 23-inch Wald Renovatio alloys and could do without the "muffler cutter" tailpipes, as they somehow remind us of those found on the Lexus IS-F, but, nevertheless, BMW's designers could learn a thing or two from the Japanese tuner's styling department.

Lowered side skirts along with a pair of spoilers on the roof and trunk lid, plus fake wing vents that cut into the doors complete the package. The Black Bison 7-Series is anything but black, though the white paintjob does makes it look a bit more impressive than the standard model. 

Wald International didn't release any information on pricing and availability.