Watch this 200 km/h Car Crash Simulation

il y a 8 années, 3 mois - 2 Septembre 2015, Autoblog
Watch this 200 km/h Car Crash Simulation
Switzerland's Dynamic Test Center tests active and passive safety systems, and provides engineering services and accident analysis for clients.

Judging by the company's YouTube page, it gets to spend a lot of time setting up high-speed crashes, which is not a bad way to spend a day. One of those scenarios, where a car traveling 200 kilometers per hour is launched into a stationary car set against an unmoored barrier, is absolutely riveting.

Nearly all of us know what it's like to run into a solid object at high speed in a video game – there's some crunching, some flipping, some flying, some denting, and then you trip the Reset button or the accelerator to continue the mission. But when you run one real car into another, up against two concrete barriers, it only kinda-sorta looks like a car when everything is said and done.

We don't know why the DTC was testing such an odd crash scenario and at such a terrific velocity, but we're glad they did it and recorded it. Have a watch in the video above.