439,816 Vehicles on Our Roads

9 years, 6 months ago - 28 November 2013, Le Matinal
439,816 Vehicles on Our Roads
Mauritius fleet continues to grow, totaling at October 31, 439,816 vehicles, an increase of 60% over the last ten years. From this list, there are 158,424 cars, including 14,681 cars and 6,368 cars "reconditioned" recorded since January 2013.

Other vehicles, more present on our roads, there were 64,783 motorcycles and 26,604 vans. The number of bus stops in 2559.

Luxury cars continue to gain the local market with 448 BMW,  288 Mercedes, 86 Audi , 17 Porsche, 16 Jaguar and Maserati  recorded this year.

Selling cars "Made in Korea" also maintains an upward trend with 933 cars KIA and 548 cars Hyundai  sold.

The other most popular brands are Toyota with 628 sales and Nissan   with 531 cars sold.

Dealers cars expected a better score on the sale of new cars with the report Pay Research Bureau (PRB), with facilities procurement officials.

There are many officials who wish to take advantage of the facilities offered with the implementation of the recent report of wage revision.

Under the new formula PRB, officials with at least 22 years of service to their credit and receive a 'Travelling Allowance' will take advantage of the facilities 'Duty Free' at 70% to buy cars.

These facilities are extended to Confidential Secretaries who have 22 years of service for the purchase of cars with a capacity of 1400 cc. Car dealers are satisfied that the Mauritian automotive market has not been affected by the economic crisis, unlike other markets in countries that are in a difficult situation.