All-New Honda HR-V / Vezel Global Version Teased Showing Interior

2 years, 4 months ago - 3 February 2021, motor1
All-New Honda HR-V / Vezel Global Version Teased Showing Interior
Tactile knobs are here to stay for the small crossover.

A few weeks before the scheduled reveal, Honda isn't coming up short in teasing the next-generation HR-V, also known as the Vezel in its home country in Japan.

While the previous teasers gave us a glimpse of its rear end, as well as the confirmation of a hybrid version, the latest release from Honda Japan gives a sneak peek at some of its interior elements, which you could see in the gallery below.

First of which is a glimpse of the HR-V's infotainment system, which will come in the form of a familiar floating head unit. While that isn't exactly new, it can be seen in the image that it has Apple CarPlay but without a cable (or so we thought), which hints at wireless connectivity coming for the crossover. For those who prefer knobs and buttons, it seems like the global HR-V will also come with tactile knobs for HVAC and volume control.

The other teaser image shows a door panel-mounted twitter, while the last one is the glass panel for the moonroof that reaches the rear seats. The latter also previews a contrasting roof color design.

While these are all well and good, they aren't guaranteed to come with the US-spec HR-V. This also holds true for the hybrid version, though it isn't a long shot to think so.

Of note, American Honda has already confirmed that North America will have a different version of the crossover, which "will be designed to meet the distinct needs of U.S. customers."

Details are scarce for the US-spec HR-V at this point, but we expect to hear from American Honda soon since development is underway. As for the rest of the world, expect to see the HR-V/Vezel on its world premiere on February 18, 2021.