To Be Unveiled in 2021, the CLX96 Yacht Dominates Through Design and Luxury

2 years, 6 months ago - 9 November 2020, autoevolution
To Be Unveiled in 2021, the CLX96 Yacht Dominates Through Design and Luxury
Most yacht ideas never make it into reality. Some just die in the recesses of a Google search, or even in on a forgotten USB drive. But, some do make it. It just takes some guts to get to glory.

One of the largest and most awaited yachting events around the world is the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. And one of the vessels that will be shown at this event will be this CLX96. The CL in the title stands for Cheoy Lee, one of the most realized yacht builders out there. But this design is completed by Milan-based Jozeph Forakis.

Now, before you start going on about how it may just be another concept, understand that this vessel isn't made to be just that. The designs this builder pushes out are made so that they can be achieved, today. The CLX96 is no different. It can, with the right instruments (and money, of course) be commissioned for building.

So, what's the big deal? Well, that's exactly it: this vessel as you see it, can be built. If you don't think this is a big deal, note that most concepts ever created never leave the drawing board, with only a few exceptions, and even then, those end up tweaked quite a bit.

Now, this vessel marks the beginning of a collaboration between CL Yachts and Forakis, and I must say that this result is outstanding. It's not a very large ship as it comes in at near 97ft. (29.5m), but the way it's shaped allows for a number of features to be had.

However, anytime you build something realizable such as this you really need to start thinking about aspects such as light weighting and performance. To make sure the vessel can perform in a safe and comfortable fashion, several materials went into its design. From carbon fiber to fiberglass textiles, resins, and foams, all are blended wonderfully to offer rigidity, flexibility, and less weight. Even the furniture and stonework that is to be found on the vessel is weight-optimized.

The next step in the process is space. How much space can be created and what can we put in that space are two important questions. Using his design knowledge, Forakis went to town on this ship and was able to include enough perks to rival a superyacht.

At the front of the ship, we find a large lounging and sunbathing area. One of the features here is that the round sunbed is able to transform into the lounge and dining area you see. The center of the ship, however, includes the navigational deck high above which has another lounging area. But because it is raised, you and your guests are to have an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Also on this deck, but at the rear, we find an outdoor dining area, equipped with an outdoor cooking set.

But it’s the sundeck that really tickles my fancy. Two sets of wood-covered stairs lead down to a platform that can extend a yard or so behind the ship, offering a higher feeling of intimacy with room for just two, maybe three people.

The interior of the vessel is no less luxurious than the exterior. The master suite includes a king bed, a small portside reading nook, and large windows to let in natural light. LED lighting outlines the furniture's base to bring a nice glow to the room at night. As for the VIP rooms, they are similar to the master suite, but a little smaller.

The main salon is housed inside that main glass structure we see, and includes minimalist furniture design and a balanced use of fabrics woods and metals. From here, we are given access to an indoor dining table and kitchen.

Listen, I’m going to stop telling you about this ship, and just ask you to check out the gallery (if you haven't done so already). Also, keep your eyes peeled for this beauty out on our waters from next year.